A Breakthrough in Christian Education

Life Learning Community is breaking new ground in Christian education. In the past, schools were designed to pass along information to a student to help them get good grades. Life Learning Community is setting out to change that. Our goal is to teach each student how to learn. If we can help each student become the best learner they can be, their grades will take care of themselves. Understanding that every young person learns differently, we are using Blended Learning to meet the needs of each individual student using multiple learning approaches: experiential, group, one-on-one, and online. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Life Learning Community exists to invest in youth from kindergarten through twelth gradeLearn More


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Every student learns differently. Life Learning Community is using Blended Learning to meet the needs of each student. Find out more.


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Faith at Life Learning Community

Faith isn't just a class at Life Learning Community; it's the culture. Our team has an opportunity to influence the students for over 35 hours a week and we take that responsibility very seriously. Learn more.

Volunteer and Change a Life

We are looking for individuals who have a heart for youth and a passion for education who would consider volunteering a few hours a week to invest in the lives of young people. Whether you love working with elementary, middle school, or high school students, we have a place for you.

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